Temporary work

Temporary work with full reliability and at a fair price

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We have made temporary work our speciality for several years, which allows us to benefit from a vast network of qualified candidates, available throughout the country. Whatever your deadlines, we intervene efficiently, always considering the human and qualitative aspects included in our mandate. Thanks to a practical and exploitable strategy, we offer you:

Opt for temporary employment!

Time saving

DAMA provides you with qualified personnel who can be deployed immediately. We take care of the entire process, from the provision to the deployment of the workers. This will save you time and money.

Reduction of administrative formalities

We take care of everything that can be time-consuming for your organisation, from drawing up employment contracts to paying salaries and completing declarations. Your role is simply to communicate your needs to us and to supervise the temporary staff.


The modularity of the temporary contract is particularly valuable in adapting to the particular needs of your organisation and its activity. If the temporary worker is not suitable for the position, we guarantee a replacement within 48 hours.

Transfer of risks

With these services, you are relieved of the difficulties of temporary staff management. The employee is contractually bound to DAMA, and we take care of everything!



Analyse & identification des besoins


staff recruitment


work contract


close relationship with the temporary worker


payroll management



The advantages
we offer

Social conflict management

Coverage of accidents at work

Subscription to private mutual insurance or AMO

Management indicators

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