Self-employed committed to quality missions

an adapted solution to manage the self employed activity

In the face of the mutations and changes that companies are facing, and their burgeoning need for skills, the partnership with the self-employed services represents a real opportunity in terms of flexibility and agility for both parties.

Although advertised as the simplest status to start up, Self-employment has its share of surprises, and in reality, it is not as simple as that.

We quickly realised that to provide a quality service, it was necessary to develop the loyalty of the self-employed so that they would complete their assignments.

It is in this sense that DAMA has the ambition to connect committed self-employment to ecosystems by giving them access to even more opportunities to grow.

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We have designed a solution adapted to manage the self-employed entrepreneurial activity by offering local support while ensuring all the security conditions so that the self-employed can find serenity in the performance of their services.

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Our formula is adapted to each of your needs and offers you many advantages:

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