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We Recruit,

DAMA's recruitment service has been designed to establish a privileged partnership with you through a particular recruitment method, in order to actively participate in the growth of your company.

When you hand over the hiring of your strategic positions to us, our partnership is based on a consultancy strategy to ensure that your recruitments are secure and that you are advised in your final selection.

Because each context is different, our teams will ensure that they support you with a sustainable vision, while showing you a perspective on the capacity for progression and the potential for evolution of the selected candidate.

Thanks to a meticulous approach, we will provide answers to each of your questions using a 4-phase recruitment method, from the determination of the need to the incorporation of the selected candidate within your structure.


Briefing and determination of the need

This is a crucial phase for understanding your mind and the challenges you face. We will establish, with you, the elements necessary to find your next collaborator.
To do this, it is imperative that we identify the objectives of the position:

Research and Sourcing

Find the right professionals for your needs

Our recruiters develop a multi-channel sourcing approach using innovative tools in the field of recruitment management

Why are we different?

Our recruitment method has been developed based on the careful demands of our clients and bold candidates.

Distinct from traditional methods, it is based on the latest research procedures, coupled with a precise recruitment technique.


We go out into the field with our clients to determine more precisely the appropriate profile, to characterise the desired professional skills and to evaluate the envisaged salary.

Market expertise

Our popularity over many years has enabled us to promote our clients' projects to targeted professionals during our investigations.

HR Performance

Driven by the desire to provide our clients with the best possible support, we keep abreast of new trends and innovations in the HR field.

Industry experts

Our consultants have a wealth of experience and expertise in a variety of sectors and industries

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